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Let’s face it - change is never easy, especially when it comes to something we all love: food. Even harder? Learning to love your body.


Look, I’ve been there. I spent a lot of years hating myself and my body because I didn’t understand the critical role food plays in just about everything - from your health to your mood to your body image.


I put in the work (hell - I still am!) and now I specialize in helping other people reach their nutrition and health goals. Put simply, I help people feel the best they possibly can. I know how hard the process of change can be. But with a little hard work - and guidance from me - it’s completely within reach.


Nutrition counseling sessions are relaxed and motivational. In your initial consultation, your individualized needs will be assessed and a unique plan will be formed, factoring in your specific goals. I will teach you how to make the best decisions regarding food, putting you in charge of your health and well-being. My goal is to give you the tools to becoming more educated about food choices for life - and throw in a little sarcasm and sass.

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Nutrition Counseling

One-on-one, couples, or families


Menu and Meal Planning

Individualized to fit your specific diet and health needs

Group Classes and Presentations

Topics personalized to meet the interests of the group


... and more!

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“Thank you so much for the guidance and inspiration over the past month. And especially for listening objectively and giving me honest feedback that I can put to action while making the best version of myself come to life! I’m excited for what this new year will bring and amazed at how fast it is approaching. I will definitely keep in touch and let you know how things develop in my life. I have my compass set and my goals in mind. Much thanks to you for clearing some of the fog on my horizon and helping me to map my way to my best version of me!”

- JH


"Thank you, Danielle! You've been giving me your expert advice and counseling on nutrition and and attitude toward food for less than two months and I've already brought my blood pressure, which has been way too high since 1980, down to a normal level – it was so high when the doctor checked it in August that I was told to return to his office in a month and if it wasn't lower I'd have to get increased dosage of my meds. But when I returned last week, woila! And then there's the great gain in energy. At 75, I was getting slower and slower, and now I bound up stairs without having to rest on landings. My sugar and cholesterol levels are, in the words of the doctor, 'great!' (The exclamation mark is his.) And on top of all that, I've had the pleasure of talking to someone who really cares and knows her subject, is kind and funny. You provide me with better health, and entertainment, and you have made my life lots more fun! (The exclamation is mine.) And did I mention I have lost weight, too?"

- SP

"Danielle Cassedy is by far the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to nutrition. I was struggling with maintaining a balance in my health and eating regime. I had too many extremes to count, everything was a mess. Danielle demonstrates excellent leadership qualities, she is very informative and quick witted. She is very compassionate when it comes to helping people with their health and overall life challenges that arise around it. She has really improved my life and the way I look at nutrition. One thing I will never forget is to, 'always eat your colors.'"

- ZC

"With Empower Nutrition and Danielle’s guidance, I am down 27 pounds! I have 32 pounds to go, but with the good nutritious food plan, recipe’s, and guidance, I know I will reach my goal without suffering!  

Before contacting Danielle and telling her I was ready to change my life for the better, my joints ached and I did not want to do anything. I just did not feel well. I am now exercising an hour each day and doing things that I love! It has not been a quick weight loss, but I know that is the best way. There were times that I fell off (holidays and special occasions), but with the achy joints and energy dip, I soon went back to the healthy way of eating. Thank you Danielle for your support and guidance!"

- GK

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