Hi, I'm Danielle!

I was born on an island in Alaska and have lived here the majority of my life. If you want to visit Alaska, google Sitka - you won't be disappointed. But enough about that...

I grew up with an amazing family, surrounded by friends, was active and involved. However, sometime during my early 20s, I lost touch with myself and health. I was unhappy, overweight, unhealthy, and - like a lot of people - using food to comfort me. It was causing me anxiety, depression, and affecting my self-worth.

When I was 26, after years of spiraling down an unhealthy (yo-yo dieting) and inactive path (couch potato), I hired a personal trainer from my local gym, who also happened to be a nutrition coach. 

I worked with Shannon 3 times per week for about 8 months and abided by her meal plans. I not only lost weight, but made a complete turn around in my relationship with food, my body, and my mind. 

For years, I had no idea how much food plays a critical role in just about everything, from mental to physical health. It was at that point that I decided to dedicate my life to to helping others on their path to complete health and wellness.


I obtained my Masters of Science in Nutrition degree from National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. While there, I learned that food is the best preventative and curative medicine we have at our disposal. It's not always about the number on the scale, but how much better we feel when we fuel our bodies with the nutrients it needs to function optimally. 


Want to learn more about me? Check out this blog post.


Areas of expertise include nutrition after age 50; goal setting and execution; weight loss; paleo and Whole30; flexible dieting/macros; sports nutrition; blood sugar balance; long-term fatigue; sleep problems; digestion and other stomach issues; therapeutic diets for diagnosed health conditions including autoimmune conditions, diabetes, hypertension, and IBS; food sensitivities, intolerances, and allergies; elimination diets; mindful and intuitive eating; and cooking, menu planning, and recipe creation.

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