“The most powerful tool you have to change your brain and your health is your fork.”

Have something else in mind? Just ask! Custom packages and meal plan available.

"Before I used Danielle's Empower Nutrition program I had tried every other weight-loss program under the sun. I'm 60 years old and thought I was destined to always being heavy.


Danielle helped me solve the problem. She showed me through her personalized plan that I could get a handle on my overeating with real food. She uses sensible meal plans and recipes. The best part -- her one-on-one counseling. Try getting that with one of those national programs.


So far I have lost 50 pounds (in about 6 months) and my energy has soared. Tonight I saw a friend in the grocery store and she said, ''Cyndi, you are a mere husk of your former self!'' Pretty sweet! Thank you, Danielle! You are organized, efficient and a true problem-solver. Your program has given me the tools to get healthier."


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